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Just when you think that the MLM industry has been saturated to the core with health and nutritional products, here comes Maakoa, another player in the health and wellness niche. With weight concerns becoming more prevalent in many countries, Maakoa’s weight management product is a well-timed entry. But is this a real business opportunity or just a flash in the great big pan of the MLM industry?Health by Maakoa
Maakoa is the brainchild of four individuals, all of whom have been involved in network marketing and business development for many years. The company officially began operations in early 2009 in Orem, Utah. Their product lines are plant-based, with some of the ingredients sourced from Brazil’s Amazon Basin. Their headliner is the Koopuwa, a health drink containing high levels of antioxidants to help fight damage brought about by free radicals. It gets some boost from essential amino acids and other nutrients.Maakoa also promotes health beverage blends based on the famous Acai berry and are promoting MXp3, their own line of protein powders especially formulated to help reduce fat and build lean muscles.Maakoa offers its distributors a clear-cut compensation plan, so that’s a point for them. Once you sign up for the company, you will have 7 ways to earn: through sales, bonuses and rebates.Can you sell Maakoa?
For people concerned about Maakoa’s legitimacy, there’s good news – they aren’t a scam. The company offers a legitimate opportunity for individuals who want to be involved in a networking business selling products that have a huge potential. But the real work is really from the distributor’s end. The products have a ready market – all you have to do is to find this market before it gets snatched up by someone else.Is Maakoa for you?
If Maakoa sounds like a terrific opportunity, make sure to determine whether or not you have the skills of a true marketer. This company will not make you rich – you will; they will not make you earn money – you will. No matter how fired up you are about the business, you simply will not be able to make it without the right knowledge, attitude and skills. There is good potential in Maakoa’s products and with the right distributor, they can become some of the most popular health beverages in the market. Learn more innovative ways to market and attract people and you will be able to enjoy the unique opportunity that Maakoa offers you.

How To Create A Perfect App For The Healthcare Industry – Industry Health

Let’s outline three branches of healthcare industry: health insurance management, internal use in hospitals and pharmacy management. What contribution can mobile software development essentially give here? What if we asked a person closely connected with the industry? Namely a doctor – someone who perfectly knows the peculiarities of the industry, someone who knows how to appreciate time and mobility, someone who knows what could be optimized.Q: Starting with health insurance, what options could be possibly given to a person to manage health insurance through a mobile device?A: Allow a person to do routine work with convenience. A universal tool for insurance management will work. First, search for a certain needed health establishment, a hospital. Then might come arrangements, which could be also scheduled through smartphones. Include the insurance management itself – changing insurance program options and tracking expenses by invoices, for example. Could be that users would like to know about certain events dedicated to certain health problems – allow users search for the needed topics, and provide them with locations on a map – that will be appreciated. And after all, a mobile device is a perfect place to store contacts and places – certain doctors, pharmacies, hospitals. Such a system will save the time of users, and it pays for itself. What’s more, this software has to meet HIPAA security standards, it has to be built to prevent leaks of private information.Q: But as for a person who is a part of hospital mechanism, what can be improved inside it?A: Patient care requires automation. The same question of convenience, this time for us, internal workers. The first thing that comes to mind is a database of various info to be accessed momentarily. That’s definitely good for hospitals, where time is vital in every sense of the word, and no time loss can be allowed under any circumstances. Let’s name the information that’s of the main importance here: patient profiles and their cases, visits, scheduled examinations, treatment details and prescriptions, requests and forms, any further documentation. It’s got to be clockwork and, just like with health insurance, secure. Health care and personal confidentiality go hand in hand. No unauthorized eyes, even among the hospital staff – that matters.Q: And what about pharmacies, customers, medicines, prescriptions, and all that?A: A pharmacy can have a desktop solution for management, which might be enough. But mobile software can help manage several pharmacies simultaneously; employing one pharmacist for several stores can be a cost-effective solution – especially when the store usually has a limited number of visitors. Wherever the pharmacist is, he/she can always be in contact, receiving notifications. The technician, who is directly in the brick-and-mortar pharmacy, can still effectively communicate with the pharmacist, manage prescriptions, and hand the needed medicine in the customer’s hands. The pharmacist must also be enabled to engage into private videochat conversations with the customers, and provide them with consultations. Apart from all that, the software has to keep track of patient history, details and prescriptions.All these three fields of healthcare activities can be seriously enhanced by custom mobile software. From both sides, the clients and the industry workers, we want convenience and security concerning the questions of our health. And software development companies with corresponding experience are the best assistants to bring such projects to life.